how to sleep with a body pillow

How to Sleep With a Body Pillow?

“A Genshin body pillow can improve your sleep quality.”

“Ugh~ no matter how I lay, I can’t find a comfortable position to sleep and now I’m going to have insomnia until daybreak!

Do you often toss and turn in bed but can’t find a comfortable position to fall asleep in? Actually, with just a pillow, you can greatly improve your sleep quality. This is where a physical therapist comes in, to teach everyone “pillow placement” so that you can fall asleep without waking up.

★ Body Pillow Placement Guide

Sleeping comfortably is actually very simple, “the body must be completely flush with the bed, without floating.” When the body is flush with the bed without any gaps, the body weight will be evenly distributed on the bed, allowing the muscles to truly relax and rest.

However, each bed is different in softness and hardness, each person has a different body shape, and there are also different stiff areas. The body may not necessarily be able to fit flush with the bed, such as when the waist is suspended and not touching the bed during sleep, it can easily lead to back pain and insomnia. At this time, all you need is a pillow to fill the gap between the body and the bed, and the problem will be solved!”


❶ Reclining: Place a pillow under your knees with your body resting on it.


how to sleep with a body pillow

Gaps often occur at the waist and knee areas when reclining, causing discomfort in the waist and knees. To resolve this, simply place a pillow under your knees to fill the gap in the waist and knee areas at once.

The editor does not recommend placing a pillow under the waist because the gap under the waist is only as thick as a palm, and the pillow may prop the waist too high and harm the spine.


❷ Lying on your side: Place the pillow between your legs and arms.

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When lying on your side, your hand and feet are almost suspended, and only your elbow and knee touch the bed. At this time, small areas have to bear the weight of the entire limb, so it is recommended to use a long pillow or roll a cotton quilt into a cylindrical shape, placing it between your legs and arms so that your hand and feet can be supported. Otherwise, if you lie for too long, you will feel discomfort in your waist, compression in your chest, and difficulty breathing.

Genshin impact body pillow is best body pillow for side sleepers.


❸ Half-side lying: Place the pillow behind your back and buttocks.


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Half-side lying is a position between reclining and lying on your side. Since the body has the smallest surface area when lying on your side, pressure tends to concentrate on the shoulders and pelvis, causing discomfort in the shoulders. Half-side lying is suitable for members who do not like to lie on their side and have discomfort in their shoulders.

It is recommended to place the pillow behind your back, and lean your upper body back on the pillow, so that your back has full support and will not be pressed against your shoulders or breathing. If you have extra pillows, you can use the same method as lying on your side to achieve a more comprehensive support.


❹ Sleeping on your stomach: Place the pillow under your chest and feet.

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Sleeping on your stomach is a high-difficulty sleep position because your neck needs to rotate 90 degrees and your chest is under pressure, making it difficult to breathe. It is recommended to place a pillow under your chest and feet to avoid over-extending your spine, which may cause back pain. This is a difficult sleep position, and it is not recommended for those with neck or back pain.

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