• Yun Jin Full Body Pillow $9.90$263.99
    • Global Shipping – Any Country and Region
    • Size:4x12CM(Dakimakura Keychain), 45x45CM(Square), 34x100CM, 40x120CM, 50x150CM, 50x160CM, 60x170CM, 60x180CM
    • Quality: New 2Way > 2Way > Plush > Peach Skin
    • Genshin Body Pillow Shop – The Door to Waifu Pillow

    The real color of the item may be slightly different from the pictures shown on website caused by many factors.
    Different sizes of throw pillowcases will display different images and will be cropped to size.
    If you want to design your own dakimakura, you can click custom body pillow or custom 3D dakimakura.

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